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Bitcoin videos

Bitcoins basic concept is relatively simple to understand but when you go beneath the surface, like an old couch, it gets hairy. Part of this is because the other side of the vast Bitcoin iceberg deals with cryptography and economics. Most people would rather walk around in wet socks than listen to videos on math based security and a dense social science. But hey you are here, get your popcorn and trail mix, lets learn like eager school boys!


Introductory Bitcoin videos


“Bitcoin Explained” by Duncan Elms

Quality drips out of this video like a sliced peach on a Texas porch during August. The sinister music makes you want to look over your shoulder for the FBI agents and the visuals are about what you would expect at the last night of Burning Man.


“How Bitcoin Works Under the Hood” by Scott Driscoll

While the graphics are rather crude, they get the point across and you start to forget about the stick figure drawings as Scott Driscoll’s soothing voice turns the inner workings of Bitcoin into an well thought out story. Not only is this Bitcoin video juiced with insight, Scott also wrote an entire How Bitcoin Works Under the Hood blog post going over everything in the video and more.

Complete Bitcoin series

After getting your feet wet with the introduction videos, it is time take the plunge and get a high quality and depth explanation of Bitcoin from these series. Note that these videos are quite a bit more involved and require much more attention span the the former introduction videos. While somewhat daunting they are incredibly valuable sources of information on understanding Bitcoin, how Bitcoin works and how it is relevant to you.


“Bitcoin” by Khan Academy

In typical Khan Academy fashion, this series sets the bar on ability to get complex ideas across to its viewers . Being part of their Finance and Capital Markets course you can watch the whole Bitcoin series on Khan Academy here.  Just in case you were questioning the information or validity, the series is orchestrated by Zulfikar Ramzan, a Ph.D computer scientist from MIT, he knows his stuff.


“Bitcoin or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Crypto” by Charles Hoskinson

If you wanted to take a collegiate level course on the gears that make the Bitcoin machine move, this would be it.  The Udemy Bitcoin course boasts over 64 lectures and 8.5 hours of content (even though the course is a work in progress) and will probably end up being the go to for anyone who wants to have an intermediate to armchair expert understanding of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Crypto


“Bitcoin Training Series” by CBT Nuggets

This Bitcoin Training Series from CBT Nuggets contains decent content and the narrator, Keith Barker, has a fantastic attitude and at times has some quirky remarks making this series quite entertaining.

Bitcoin Training series


Specific to Bitcoin mining


“The internet knows Bitcoin” By AcademicEarth

Reddit user Artesian, explains Bitcoin in an Explain like I am 5 reddit thread, which then gets picked up by Academic Earth and a video is born. Cute animations and a jolly soundtrack makes this introduction to mining, a Bitcoin video certainly worth 2 minutes and 36 seconds of your life.

Let it be know that academic earths embed code makes me want to coat my bare feet in maple syrup and kick fire ants.


“What is Bitcoin Mining?” by

The production quality of this video like the original “What is Bitcoin?” video is top notch. The voiceover alone is like eating a fresh snicker doodle cookie, seriously, lets vote Chris Rice’s voice for the next Siri! This overview on Bitcoin mining is something you could send you mom and she wouldn’t have any problem understanding but would probably tell you to “Be careful with your hard earned money!” The video goes through the history of Bitcoin mining evolution from CPU mining back in the day (which was a Wednesday) all the way to the current incarnation of the process using ASIC mining chips.


Bitcoin Conferences

If you did not have the chance, just don’t like the smell of nerds or did not have the pocket change to attend these Bitcoin conferences, your fellow Bitcoin patrons recorded and organized them into a playlist for your viewing pleasure. Pleasure it!


“Bitcoin 2013 Conference in San Jose, California” by Bitcoin Foundation

The Bitcoin 2013 conference video playlist has over 58 videos equating to 35 hours of footage filmed on a TI-83 calculator.


“CoinSummit Bitcoin conference videos” by CoinSummit

View all the CoinSummit’s Bitcoin Conference videos here.


Bitcoin Documentaries

Although there is not a full featured documentary of Bitcoin available yet, there are a few short ones that illustrate how Bitcoin is being used in different parts of the world.


“Bitcoin Documentary” by CCTV

CCTV, China’s largest news network did a rather informative piece on the basics of Bitcoin, which could have huge impacts on Bitcoin and its adoption. I have personally lived in China and one thing I learned was never underestimate the ambition of the Chinese, they are not called the red dragon for nothing.


“Bitcoins in Argentina” by Bitcoin Film

A short documentary (shocumentary?) about the difficulties of buying Bitcoins in Argentina due to governments heavy regulation of currency. Because pesos are so awesome right!?


“Bitcoin: world’s fastest growing currency migrates off the internet” by theguardian

The Guardian covers Kreuzberg, Berlin, which is establishing the worlds first Bitcoin local economy. My German genes were shaking their little telomeres when I first watched this, go Germany!




“How Bitcoin Will End the Nation State” by Next News Network

Guest Jeffrey Tucker joins Gary Franchi and discusses how he believes Bitcoin will end the nation state. While a bold assertion, it is an interesting debate.


If you know of anymore Bitcoin videos that you think should be listed here, comment in all caps bold with a link and tell me how much I dun goof’d.

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