Introducing: CakeBet Affiliate Program, get free bitcoin when you refer a friend

CakeBet Affiliate Program

Playing a few hands of Blackjack at the casino is immensely more fun when you are surrounded and laughing with you friends. This is why we built CakeBet, a way for you to bring that experience to wherever you are, whatever the device, instantly. To make playing with your friends even easier, today we are announcing the CakeBet Affiliate Program, a way for you to get free bitcoin for referring friends to CakeBet.

Here is how it works:

  1. Invite your friend with your unique affiliate ID.
  2. Your friend signs up and deposits over .01 bitcoin.
  3. You get 21% of the house edge for every bet your friends makes, forever.

We kept things simple when developing the affiliate program, all payments are instant, everything is under one account, all the links you share in game have your affiliate ID attached and your affiliate stats are realtime. Your stats are also available in a report, on the affiliate page if you want to get into the details, day by day.

Whether you are an individual, or run a bitcoin related site, our affiliate program is fun an easy way to get free bitcoin for referring a friend to play Blackjack with at CakeBet. To get started, head over to the CakeBet Affiliate Program page and start getting free bitcoin!