CakeBet 2.0: A tasty, new experience

Grasping the handle on the bakery door, you pull toward the curious delights, wondrous of what awaits you inside. As the worn, wooden gate of a door reveals the new found ecstasy, your lungs expand as if they have been shut for hours and are enveloped uncontrollably by the vapors of pure Madagascan vanilla and caramelizing sugar. Your eyes are nearly closing as the memories of birthdays past shimmer on your eyelids, like crystal leaves on a golden tree. Dancing softly around the walls, the sound of tireless mixers churn, and convection ovens expel warm hums throughout the air, giving a pulse to the surrounding tasty treats. Gazing across the colorful array of sweets, you become fixated on an alluring vanilla cake, covered in blue velvet fondant, circled by cream white, swirling frosting. The center piece is a smooth silhouette of a Jack –no doubt a tribute to the chef’s favorite game, Blackjack– with a collection of glistening candies placed about. The creation is complemented by an assortment of golden rings, suspended from strings attached to the ceiling, all at different lengths, constructing a royal chandelier directly above you and the cake.

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Seemingly from the walls of the bakery themselves, a pleasant figure approaches you, and introduces himself. The cake chef, who goes by the name John Frosting, is a penchant for his craft, with dark chocolate frosting hair, celestial blue eyes and a smile that makes you ponder if it might be your birthday. His spry appearance and ballroom apparel fully embody his artisan craft to the point where you could swear he was forged from the very pastries filling up the bakery.  He proudly states his cake knifes are the finest of any bakery, sharper than the best Japanese blacksmith, in fact, sharper by an edge of .9%. After signaling you would like to indulge in this sugary delight, he slices a perfect section out for you as well as few free bits of a near by cinnamon cupcake since you are his 21st customer of the day.

John Frosting gives everyone free bits

John Frosting

While no question a man of the classics, John’s bakery has kept up with the times and accepts bitcoin completely anonymously, to purchase your dessert. Strolling to the register you pull out your phone, scan a QR code and are guided immediately to a comfortable table –John is a trusting man–, his bakery accepts 0 confirmation purchases.
Digging into your cake is quintessential bliss, the polished steel fork you wield, glides effortlessly in any direction you choose but not because it is heavy or sharp.  The cake wants to be played with and enjoyed, you could just easily use the edge on your phone to slice it and it would reveal itself as if a flower embracing the noon sunlight.

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As you continue your adventure through this scrumptious sculpture of deliciousness, you almost don’t notice four hungry companions take seats next you at the table. The two ladies are enjoying graceful slices of what was the queen cake and the two gentlemen satisfy themselves with hefty portions of the king cake. As you converse with your new found friends, John comes to the table and begins gifting out his signature sweets, Coin Sprinkle’s, circular cookie bits brushed with a light coat of colored chocolate. He expresses that customers eating his winning cakes get these and the more people at the table, the more Coin Sprinkle’s you can get. A win-win for all five of us as Coin Sprinkle’s crispy crunch complements the fluffy vanilla cake wonderfully.

Consecutive wins start a Coin Sprinkle. Free bits from John Frosting to everyone at the table.

 CakeBet Coin Sprinkle
As the last bites of cake vanish and your friends begin to part ways, you revel in the marvelous, after lunch snack your tastebuds were just privy to experiencing. Crunching down one last Coin Sprinkle, you withdraw easily from the pleasant bakery, stomach content and tongue dancing with joy. Walking the convenient route home you contemplate coming back after dinner, for further lusciousness. John Frosting bets you will.

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